This wearable can add reverb and other effects to musical instruments (VIDEO)

TOKYO: Sony has launched a crowdfunding campaign for a surprising wearable which, when worn on the wrist or hand, can alter the sound of electronic music or musical instruments based on movement of the performer’s body.

Prices start at ¥23,900 (approximately RM899) with shipments expected from March 2022.

This wearable aims to let musicians generate effects for electronic music or musical instruments by the simple means of wrist and hand movements. Simply connect the musical instrument (keyboard, electric guitar, etc.) to your iPhone via the audio interface then set up the various gestures.

The application supplied with the device lets users pair specific effects to different gestures. However, Sony states that this application will only work on iOS 13 or later, for now, at least. Devices are connected over Bluetooth.

According to Sony, the Motion Sonic wearable could encourage more instinctive and creative musical performances, with the musician’s body becoming an extension of their instrument.

Sony has opted to launch this project via the Indiegogo crowdfunding platform. Currently at prototype stage, the Motion Sonic will enter production if and when at least 400 orders are placed via the website.

Support the Motion Sonic crowdfunding campaign.

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