WhatsApp could soon let you send videos in high resolution, suggests leak

WhatsApp’s heavy compression algorithms are known to compress video files to drastically low quality to get them sent across faster.

Videos sent over WhatsApp have been synonymous with poor quality over the years. The app implements heavy compression algorithms to make sure videos reach the other parties faster. However, this often results in a drastic drop in the video’s quality. However, that could soon change with a future WhatsApp update.

The instant communication app is reportedly bringing in a new feature to the app that will let users select the video upload quality. The report by WABetaInfo suggests that users will soon be able to choose between a ‘Best Quality’ mode, a ‘Data Saver’ mode, and an Auto mode that will determine the quality of video clips you share.

The choice could be crucial to a lot of users who may have been resorting to other services to send videos of higher quality. Not all users have restrictions on date or time but they are forced to send downgraded quality clips regardless. The new feature will give the users the choice between data saving and good-quality videos.

It is still not known what the restrictions of the ‘Best Quality’ mode will be, if any. The leak doesn’t strongly suggest that the mode will always retain the original video resolution. It is possible that higher resolution videos like 4K and 8K clips may still face some level of compression.

The new setting will also apparently be a generalised one and will be made across all videos. So at least for now, if you want to stick to the data saving mode and then send one clip in high-res, you will have to go into the settings, switch your video upload option and then send that clip, before switching back to the original mode. The leak suggests that the feature is still under development and will be available in a future update.

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