TikTok is using AI to make video-creation easier

PARIS: Making TikTok videos has never been easier thanks to this new tool in the social media site’s Creative Centre. There, the Chinese social network has launched an AI-powered personal assistant to help create videos.

Called “Script Generator“ this new tool is on hand to help certain users of the Chinese social network make videos more easily. This generator proposes video-making concepts.

All the user has to do is enter the company name, product name, product description and any hashtags they wish to include.

They can also choose between two video formats: a short one, from 15 to 30 seconds, and a longer one, from 31 to 60 seconds.

The tool then takes care of writing an entire script for the video, including a tagline, scenes and a call to action, as well as providing the sound and visual elements to be added.

But only users with a TikTok for Business account have access to this tool.

“Our team is excited to launch TikTok Script Generator, a free TikTok ad script generation tool that helps advertisers in their creative development by providing script ideas containing hook, body and call-to-action scenes in a matter of seconds.

Just provide a few inputs about your brand or product, then let the tool do its magic. It’s now available to all TikTok Creative Centre users with a TikTok for Business login on desktop. Enjoy!” TikTok’s Michael Fee said in a LinkedIn post.

While this new feature may help creators to generate their TikTok content more quickly, they will need to pay attention to the ideas they put forward, since, as the Chinese social platform says, the user is solely responsible for any content published.

TikTok isn’t the only social network looking to harness the powers of artificial intelligence. Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn are also getting in on the game.

And already, the tools and functionalities developed aim to help boost content creation by making the process quicker and easier for users, while keeping them on the given platform.

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